Staffing Realities

Why Serra Health Consulting?

In today’s market for consulting resources, the availability of technical skill sets, in many areas, exceed demand. The healthy growth of the large EHR vendors over the past decade has spawned hundreds of firms, peddling thousands of consultants’ resumes with some level of implementation experience. The market for this level of consultant has become so commoditized that distinguishing one resource from another virtually impossible. Many of these companies can produce an array of resources with an impressive resume on paper. Dig a little deeper into those resumes, however, and it becomes apparent most of these resources have limited to no experience in implementing or optimizing some of the applications in which they claim a high level of expertise. And precious few have a blend of the technical and operational knowledge necessary to call oneself a consultant.   Many consultancies will attempt to dazzle clients with claims of numbers of consultants and the number of certifications and by claims that a high percentage of its “employees” are ex-Epic, ex-Cerner, ex-Meditech and the like.

The reality is there is a finite number of experienced, true consultants in the EHR space and every consultancy taps into the exact same vein of talent to secure its resources. The vast majority of consultants are hourly contractors who bounce from one employer to another and one contract to another every three to six months. In today’s market, what distinguishes one consultancy from the next is the ability to know exactly where to look for these rare resources, the willingness to forge and maintain strong relationships with the best consultants in the industry, the foresight to understand the importance of maintaining a strong, ethical recruiting team, and the fortitude to establish and maintain a consultant-centric environment to be an employer of choice and to instill a sense of commitment to its clients.

The leadership team at Serra Health Consulting has staffed thousands of engagements and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We understand clients demand the right talent, at the right time, and at the right price, which is why we can provide top notch talent, the exact same talent found at the vendor-specific boutique firms, for 10% to 15% less than those firms charge. We understand clients demand flexibility, which is why we offer five different options when working with clients to fill knowledge gaps:

  • Traditional staff augmentation role whereby a consultant is onsite for a defined period of time to complete a defined body of work;
  • A remote solution, housing staff onsite in Fitchburg, WI, providing additional cost savings to clients;
  • Short-term onsite and part-time remote assignments;
  • Executing on client-identified opportunities for improvement by establishing a multi-disciplinary team to complete pre-defined deliverables;
  • Enter into fixed-fee contracts with clients on selected projects that lend themselves to be scoped thoroughly and measured adequately.

We’ve learned that providing project roadmaps to our clients leads to project success. We understand every project at every client is unique, but every successful project has some common defining characteristics. We’ve captured those in our project health check methodology and apply it to all of our projects. This allows us to identify and mitigate issues before they come risks to the success of the project. We’ve also learned to harness our collective experiences into Knowledge Centers to allow our consultants to tap into lessons learned, how tos, and detailed issue resolution guides.