Our Staffing Services

Finding the right resources at the right time is critical to the success of any healthcare IT endeavor.  Serra Health Consulting offers a unique range of staffing and consulting solutions to address the specific needs of each unique organization.

Over the past 15 years we’ve built a database of over 70,000 healthcare IT consulting resources This allows us to provide our clients with local talent in most cases.

We’ve learned after 20 years and dozens of implementations that an army of consultants does not ensure a project coming in on time and on budget. We tailor our solutions to get you the right number and type of resources to fit your project and budget requirements.


Serra Health Smart Staffing Services

Project Team Staffing – Providing certified, experienced consultants to fill gaps in your project team. In most cases resources are local to the client’s region.

Contract to Hire – Providing certified/experienced consultants who are interested in a permanent role after a set period of time.

Contract to Hire Certification – Recruitment of local staff who we certify and you “try before you hire”.

Remote Application Build & Testing – Cost-effective use of certified remote resources to complete build and testing tasks.

Flex Staffing – Providing certified consultants on a flex time basis, via purchase of bundled hours of consulting assistance.