Community Connect

PNA-Blueprint-with-Graphic_UpdatedA successful Community Connect program can be a challenging puzzle: all the pieces need to be in place and fit together just so. It’s not just about technology: the legal, marketing, and customer service components can be just as complex and are just as important. It’s no wonder a substantial percentage of organizations struggle to get it all together.

Serra Health Consulting is currently the only vendor with solutions that can pull the entire picture together. Our methodology covers all aspects of a Community Connect program, providing detailed tools, templates and processes to go from strategy to contract development to marketing, implementation and beyond. With our methodology, you have a proven and predictable model that will allow you to plan and budget your Connect program effectively and efficiently.


Our Comprehensive Community Connect Services Include:


  • Connect program strategy
  • Practice recruitment strategy
  • Governance


  • Marketing plan development
  • Materials creation


  • Assessment & data collection
  • Application build
  • Go Live activities
  • Training
  • Post Live assessment & optimization


  • Standard quality & operational report packages
  • Custom report development
  • Interface & extract development
  • 3rd party integration

Customer Service & Operations

  • Ongoing training
  • Post live support